e de Padova

De Padova was founded in 1956, the year in which Maddalena and Fernando De Padova opened a small store on Via Montenapoleone in Milan, and decided to import Scandinavian furniture. For the first time, the design of Northern Europe had reached Italy: a revolution that would permanently change the way people live. “I chose things I liked, and I was blown away by certain pieces of furniture, those lines, that diversity. I think I had an instinctive sense of aesthetics… let’s say it was perfectly clear to me when something was ugly,” Maddalena De Padova says. 

In the decades to follow the company grew, producing – under license, at first – the finest American collection of furnishings for the home and office, under the trademark Herman Miller, designed by C. Eames, G. Nelson and A. Girard. De Padova then began to produce its own collection, thanks to collaboration with great internationally acclaimed designers.