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Zucchetti's history began in a small foundry in Valduggia (in the province of Vercelli) set up by Alfredo Zucchetti in 1929. Today the Zucchetti. Kos Group, led by the third generation, Elena and Carlo, with cousins Marco and Paolo Zucchetti, consists of 4 factories and a logistics center covering a total of 72,000 square meters, employing 400 people and producing 2 million articles every year.
Zucchetti basic values have always been innovation, design, and quality: the essential milestones that have guiding the firm throughout decades. After an early 'experimental' phase manufacturing industrial valves and fittings, In 1975 Zucchetti entered the world of design with the first Italian-made range of ceramic disks single lever mixers.  Zucchetti brought innovation to the tapware field, flooding it with new colours and finishes and laying the foundations of the design-led path it has followed ever since.

“As a design-orientated company we have no interest in fashions or gimmicks” says today's company president Carlo Zucchetti, “but in expressing a system of ethics and behavior in each project. Design is the unifying factor that holds together all the elements of our complex activity.” 

In 2007 Zucchetti expands to the sanitary fitting world taking over Kos company, considered an iconic player of sanitary fitting.  At that time KOS had already been working with  internationally recognized designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba to design the company's entire collection of products and take charge of the art direction. They developed a project that can be called “total design”; that is, the products, exhibits, graphic and communication tools are developed in accordance with a single, specific vision.  The productive, spirited relationship that developed between the company and the designers made KOS a great compliment to the design driven Zucchetti brand and gave rise in only a few years to a inedited products collection which reinvented the bathroom setting in type and morphology. Two leading trademarks in the international panorama of design for the bathroom ambiance, two brands united by a shared philosophy and purpose: the desire to explore every new opportunity in the market of bathrooms, creating new design products with a distinctive personality, meeting different demands in taste, and capable of personalizing and redesigning an environment, while transforming it into a veritable statement of lifestyle.

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